Inviting Your Client to the Client Portal

The Client Portal is an online tool that allows your clients to view project information, view and approve proposals, and make payments all within the click of their mouse

Note: Any clients that were previously in the 1.0 Client Portal will need to receive a new invite to the new Client Portal.

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Sending Invites
Client Experience

There are 2 ways you can invite a client to the portal


Via the Client Portal

Step 1. Select "Projects" on the navigation bar and select "Client Portal".

Step 2. Select "New Invite" on the top right and Fill out the following areas:
"From" - Select the employee name sending the invite from the drop down.  (Note: This is not an email address, the invite email will be sent from '' email.)
"To" - Enter a valid email address of the client who will need access to the portal.
"Project" -
Select the 'Project' or 'Client' from the drop down.



Select "Send Invite" on the bottom right to send your invite. A confirmation notification will pop up saying your invite has been sent.

Via the Addresses screen

Step 1. Click on Project>Addresses

Step 2. Locate the Address ID of the client you wish to invite to the portal and click the profile icon on the right to send an invite. 

Your invite will now be shown with "Status", "Resend", "Access Enabled" and "Login as Client".



Note: With the new Interactive Documents feature, your client will have the ability to register from the email they are sent 

Client Experience

Once the invite is sent your client will receive an email like the one below.

From the interactive Document link, your clients will see this

Step 1.
Click "Log In" and the client will be redirected to this login screen shown in the image below. If this is the client's 1st time logging in to the new Client Portal, they would need to register their credentials. Their username (email invite was sent to) will already appear. 

Step 2. Your client would need to come up with a password and enter it in the corresponding field.

The client will now have access to the portal and can log in to view their project.

If you have more than one project for your client, they will be able to select which one they want to view as long as they have received an invite. They would NOT need to register again.

Note: The client is encouraged to save their username and password when their browser prompts them. They should also bookmark the link as well for ease of use.

Check out the Client Portal Experience article to help your clients navigate the portal and get the most out of this new feature!