Item is Not Calculating Tax

This article provides a solution for those that are experiencing an issue where tax is not being calculated with their items.

First, please double check your tax settings to make sure everything is set correctly:

  1. Let’s start by checking your item’s tax settings. In your Dashboard, head over to Projects > Items    
  2. Scroll to your item and select the blue “Edit” button
  3. Scroll down until you see the Purchase/Selling Cost table and under the Taxable column on the Selling Price section, toggle the taxable drop downs and select “Yes” or “No” where applicable. Once this is done, please select Save at the bottom right.
  4. Next, near the top of the screen, you will see different tabs such as Item, Codes, Images & Attachments, etc. – please select the Codes tab

  5. Once in the Codes tab, head over to the right side of the page to “Tax Location” and make sure you have the correct location selected. Once you have the correct location selected, please save your settings on the bottom right of the page.
  6. Now let’s check your tax location settings. In your Dashboard, head over to Settings > Tax Location
  7. Scroll to the appropriate tax location and then select the pencil icon to go to the Edit section.
  8. Please make sure all your settings are correctly set in this area and select Save at the bottom right of the page.

If all these settings are correctly set and you are still running into issues, please read the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Head over to Projects > Items > Scroll To Item > Edit
  2. Under “Proposal #”, please delete any numbers you see in this field and leave it blank.
  3. Then, on the Purchase/Selling Cost Table, toggle the Taxable drop down menus and switch from “Yes” to “No” or “No” to “Yes” depending on your settings, then switch them back once again.
  4. Head back to the “Proposal #” and re-enter what was previously deleted. Then select “Save”.