Items - Batch Update Dates & Details

How can I quickly update the dates or details of multiple items at once?

Multiple items can be selected to update certain details including dates,  tracking numbers, etc.  Think of it as a bulk or batch update to save you time.

This is an easy way to update a group of items that may have shipped together for example.

  1. Filter the Item listing to bring up the Items you are looking for.
    1. For example type in the Purchase Order Number in the search field.
    2. or Select a Client & Room filter to narrow down your list of items.
  2. Select each appropriate item by placing a check mark next to the item, or 'Select All' if applicable.
  3. Click the  icon.
  4. Choose 'Update Dates' from the drop down.
  5. 'Batch Update Selected Item Dates' will appear:
  6. Select the Date type or Detail type you would like to update from the drop down menu.  (Note:  Many of these Item details are found on the Item->Codes tab.)
  7. Select a date or enter details.
  8. Save

    Options include:
    1. CFA Apr = Cutting or Finish Approval date. (CFA Approved)
    2. Delivered = Item(s) 'Delivered' date. (Delivered)
    3. Est Ship = Estimated Shipping date. (Est Ship Date)
    4. Expediting = A text box that can be used however you like. Normally a short description of the status of the item (on hold, waiting for ship notice, etc.)
    5. Freight Tracking = a tracking number associated with the item(s).
    6. Order Ack = Item(s) 'Order acknowledged' date.
    7. Proposal Apr = Item(s) 'Approved Date' date'*
    8. Quote Rec = Item(s) 'Quote Received' date.
    9. Received = Item(s) 'Received' date.
    10. Req Quote = Item(s) 'Request For Quote' date.
    11. Shipped = Item(s) 'Date Shipped' date.
    12. Specification Date = Item(s) 'Specification Date' date.
    13. Specification Revision Date = Item(s) 'Specification Revision' date.

*If all items on the Proposal are selected, the Proposal will show approved, if only some of the Items on the Proposal are selected and this date is updated, the Proposal will not show approved.

Tip:  For the 'Select All' feature to work, use the Client/Project, Room, and/or Vendor filters.  The 'Select All' option will not work when using the 'Search All' field.