Items: Modifying Invoices

If an Item is currently on an invoice, the selling price detail cannot be edited. The following will help outline the steps to modify an item that is currently invoiced.

The three basic steps below can be used to modify an item already invoiced:

  1. Remove an Item from the invoice.
  2. Edit the Item
  3. Add the Item back to the original invoice

Note:  These instructions do NOT apply to Time Billing / Activity invoices which must be voided to make changes and cannot be added back to the original invoice.

Remove the Item from the Invoice:

  1. Select the Item you need to change.
  2. Clear the 'Invoice #' from the Item details.
  3. A warning will pop up, press OK.
  4. Save, you will notice the selling price details are now editable.

Note: Client payments and vendor payments are applied to items, not the forms they are attached to (proposals, orders, invoices). Therefore, when you remove an item from an invoice as above, the payments stay with the item. You do not have to make any changes to any payments to remove an item from a form.

Edit Item

  1. While still on the Item...
  2. Edit details as needed.
    (For example, maybe the selling price needs to be changed or
    'Other costs' did not get passed to the buyer and need to be added to the selling price of the item.)
  3. Save

Add Item back to the original Invoice

  1. Return to the Item 'Invoice #' drop down field.
  2. Select the Invoice number
  3. A warning will pop up, press OK.
  4. Save & Close

All accounting changes will take place in the current period.