Items - Other Costs

It is often necessary to enter Other Costs when creating or updating Items.

The Other Costs section of an Item is where you enter amounts like freight, delivery fees, fabric guard, restocking fees, etc.

Other costs are added by clicking Other Cost on the left hand side of the purchase and selling details of your item.

You can customize the the 'Other Cost' categories for your needs, for more details click HERE.

Step 1.

Open up the item and scroll down to the Purchase Cost/Selling Price section.

Step 2.

Click on "Other Cost".

You must first save an item before adding other costs.  This message may pop up if you have not saved the item.

Step 3.

Select Other Cost from the drop down and then click the "Add Other Cost" button.

Step 4.

The 'Other Cost' you selected will be added.

Now add the following as needed:

  • Purchase amount - other cost amount associated with the purchase of the item. The amount you are paying for other costs.
    For example freight charges for the item from the vendor.
  • Selling amount - other cost amount associated with the selling of the item.
    The amount the client will be charged.
    For example pass on the freight charges to the client, or add an installation fee to charge the client.
  • Mark Up % - use to add a mark up percent to the 'Other Cost' associated with the selling of the item.
  • Deposit % or Deposit Amount - deposit percent or deposit amount requested.
  • Taxable - Is this 'Other Cost' taxable.  Yes or No.  

Step 5.

Click Save or Save & Close depending on if you need to add any other cost to the item.

If the item is Invoiced you will not be able to add or edit 'Other Costs'.
See Modifying Invoices for information on how to do this.

Note:  Tax is calculated on both the selling amount and the markup. There is no way to just tax on one piece of the selling cost to the client.

Note:  'Other Cost' can be hidden or visible on proposals & invoices.  Be sure to check out these settings in 'Settings'->'My Company'->'Report Defaults'.