January 5, 2021 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes.

> Studio Designer
Version 2.5.0 – Release December 2020

  • New & Improved:
    • Changed the layout of the reconciliation screen back to the legacy version format.
    • Users can no longer void a Time Billing Invoice that has a payment on it.
    • An error message now displays when a user uploads a file with special characters on it.
    • Added an active filter toggle on the Contact’s page. 
    • Added a new filter in Inventory called Available. This will only display Inventory items that have an available quantity > 0.
    • Increased the expiration date for Pay Now links on documents from 7 to 30 days.
    • Purchase Sales Tax 1 recalculates when a user changes an item’s purchase quantity or purchase unit cost and its tax rule = British VAT. If the user manually modifies Purchase Sales Tax 1, it will not update until they click save or save and close.
    • Time Rates are now available for every user under Settings.
    • Added functionality to the Contact’s page where users can create a contact and have them receive Client Portal/Interactive Documents notifications as well as pre-populate the contact’s email address when sharing a document.
  • Bug Fixes & Rapid Resolutions:
    • Printing checks will generate a PDF every time a designer goes to print. Users also can only print checks where the code equals print or printed.
    • Loading issues with Report Builder and Safari 14.
    • Cash Office account under Settings -> My Company will be selected when a user goes to make an office payment.
    • Users can enter in hourly rates with decimals under Settings -> My Employees.
    • Users can change the client and selling information of a cloned item immediately.
    • If an employee email is left blank, the field no longer auto-populates with an empty bubble in the Copy To field when sharing a document.
    • Uses company’s zip code can start with a 0.
    • The values of the activity and employee column on the time billing preview screen now display correctly.
    • PayPal entries were being doubled in the Pending Payments section of Money Out.
    • Client and activity are saved when posting a reimbursable entry through Money Out.
    • Tax Location and Tax Rule are displayed for non-billable entries in Time Billing.
    • An Item’s Other Cost name can now be changed after the Other Cost has been created, but not invoiced.
    • Users can no longer select Time Billing and Merchandise Invoices in the include extra invoice section under the email Invoice screen.
    • Voided proposals, orders, and invoices no longer appear when sharing a document.
    • An item’s image only appears on a document when it is set to visible for a client or vendor. Users can remove visibly enabled images when sharing a document, but they can’t add non-visible images.

> Client Portal:
Version – Release December 2020

  • Improvements:
    • Moved the total amounts to the bottom of the screen.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Updated the Approve (Not Invoiced Deposit Balance) total as well as added a floor/ceiling to the calculation.
    • The approval functionality in the client portal settings now works as expected.
    • Other Cost is displayed within the proposal and invoice detail screen.
    • Projects are now listed in alphabetical order.