July 2022 Release

New features, platform improvements, and fixes

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> Studio Designer

Version 2.10 – July 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • A default Item Priority/Color Status can now be assigned via Settings > My Company
  • Next and Previous buttons have been added to the edit page under Misc Addresses and Client Addresses for faster navigation between addresses
  • An option to Group Reimbursables has been added when creating and editing Time Billing Invoices
  • Copy Purchase assignments are now included under Address Imports
  • Order Acknowledgment dates display on the Orders page
  • Attachments can now be added directly to an Address
  • Item Sales Tax visibility options have been added to Purchase Orders, Proposal details, InvoicesTime Billing Invoices, and Interactive Documents


  • The Next Page navigation button now works on the Chart of Accounts page
  • Updated check numbers entered through Money Out reflect the new check number upon saving
  • Approvals/Rejections on Interactive Proposals now process correctly
  • The Taxable column on an item's Selling side now displays Yes, No, or blank based on the client's Sales Code and Tax Location settings
  • All special characters can now be used when entering the Vendor Name and Contact details
  • The magnifying glass on Time Rate entries is accessible immediately when clicked
  • Updated Ship To values now save correctly within Item Details
  • The Accounts Payable report is accessible through Financial Forms
  • Filtering by Inventory Id on the Inventory page displays the correct results
  • Once a name has been created within the Chart of Accounts and a transaction has been posted, the name can no longer be edited
  • Purchase Order theme 1030 05 - Order Without Price displays the item description correctly
  • Cloned Contacts append a number to newly cloned record for differentiation between itself and the original
  • Images on Tear Sheets correctly apply the image sizing defaults specified under Settings > My Company
  • Required fields on Inventory entries are clearly emphasized with an asterisk (*)
  • Voiding invoices via Money In while having multiple tabs open creates and posts correct payment entries
  • Disabling the Vendor Portal successfully unlinks the associated vendor addresses
  • Specify Only: Yes no longer populates a value under the Unit Cost of the Selling Side when Copy Purchase is set to Zero
  • Items created from Inventory retain the Images and Attachments from the Inventory item
  • Specification themes 01 Specification With Image and 01 Specification With Vendor Format 1 work as expected for all users
  • RFQs with attachment themes properly populate clickable links to attachments
  • Items retain their Taxable settings when the client associated with the item is changed
  • The Merge With Address Id dropdown is accessible when merging Addresses
  • Upon logging in, each user's landing page is consistent with what is specified in their Settings

> Client Portal

Version 2.14 – July 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • The User Interface has been updated for consistency and optimal experience across multiple types of devices
  • The ItemsInvoices, Proposals, and Mood Board screens have been updated with a modern and responsive design
  • Clients with multiple projects can see an at-a-glance view of each project with financial details upon signing in
  • Project Summary now displays outstanding balances for invoices and proposals
  • Transaction history now sorts transactions chronologically
  • Clients are able to export and download PDFs directly within Client Portal
  • Safeguards against double-clicking buttons within the Client Portal have been implemented
  • Impersonation Mode actions have been limited so that only the client can take actions (ex: approve, reject, dislike, etc) within the Client Portal
  • Pinned proposals that have been rejected now move to the bottom of the Proposals list when unpinned
  • Upon clicking a Pay Now link older than 30 days, a message reading "The Pay Now link has expired. Please ask your designer for a new one" will display to the client


  • Items with a Client Status of Presented are visible within the Client Portal
  • Payroc credit card transactions are processing correctly
  • Mood boards display only for their associated projects
  • Time Billing invoices are accessible to clients and via Impersonation Mode within the Client Portal
  • Payment confirmation emails are sent to the company email.
  • Payment confirmation emails are sent out a single time per Stripe credit card payment
  • Payment confirmation emails display the correct transaction ID on Stripe ACH and Stripe credit card payments
  • Other Costs are calculated into the Total on proposals if Show Other Costs for Each Item is selected
  • Password reset tokens are generating correctly
  • Successful password resets now present the client with the message "Password reset, please check your email"
  • Password resets now validate the entered email address
  • Invoice numbers are displayed on publicly visible items when opened from the Invoices and Proposals pages
  • Paypal transaction history displays the correct payment values on Proposals
  • Items reflect the correct Unit instead of defaulting to Each
  • When pinning within rooms with multiple items, only pinned items will be moved to the top of the view
  • Additional payments can be made on proposals with previously applied payments
  • When no items exist on the Items page, "No Items Available" will display after loading has completed
  • The link to a designer's company website URL is clickable on documents within the Client Portal
  • Deposit balance on rejected proposals is no longer factored into the calculations toward Total Approved
  • The Twitter link on payment confirmation emails is routing to the correct page
  • The Description field is no longer visible on items when no description has been entered
  • Clicking Pay Proposal from the Item Details page correctly routes to the payment screen
  • Invoices and Time Billing invoices are visible only when "Show Merchandise Invoices to Client" has been enabled by the designer
  • Clients are able to log in to the Client Portal regardless of whether the designer has "Show Proposals to Client" enabled
  • Clients with only one project tied to their login are redirected to the project page upon signing in
  • Presented items reflect a status of Liked or Disliked within the Client Portal
  • The Include Attachments and Other Images option under Settings > My Company > Report Defaults now extends to documents within the Client Portal
  • Taxable Items are denoted by a "T" on Interactive Documents
  •  When public visibility is off on a document, a message reading "Your designer has limited who can view this document" will display to the client