July 2023 Release: Studio Designer

This version includes updates to Client Portal settings and a number of improvements to the Payment Posting page.


Client Portal Enhancements

Additional Client Portal access settings have been added to provide more control over the pages your Clients can access through Client Portal. This allows you to configure the view on a client-by-client basis.

If StudioPay Clients want to securely store their payment information for future use, but don't want to see project financials or other details, invite the Client to the Client Portal and disable their view for all Pages in their Client Portal Settings. They will only be able to view their stored payment information, but will still have direct link access to any Proposals and Invoices sent to their email address.

Payment Posting Enhancements

StudioPay users now have expanded search capability and additional control within the Payment Posting page:

  • Transactions now display Client names
  • Transactions specify if payment was made through ACH or credit card
  • Individual transactions can be manually removed from the Payment Posting sidebar view

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Version 2.15.6 – July 2023 Release 

New and Improved:

  • On Accounting > Payment Posting, Designers can see a Client name associated with their payment.
  • On Accounting > Payment Posting, Designers can search for transactions.
  • Designers visiting Accounting > Payment Posting for the first time will be redirected to the company payment defaults screen to enter their Cash Account.
  • All statuses for transactions synced from StudioPay now appear on Accounting > Payment Posting.
  • On Accounting > Payment Posting, Designers are now able to delete transactions that are not postable.

  • On Accounting > Payment Posting, ACH transactions will now sync in with "ACH" in the Authorization Number field for easy identification of ACH vs credit card transactions.
  • On Accounting > Payment Posting, Designers who do not have any StudioPay transactions to post will see a link to go to Money In to post their transactions; if no transaction is selected, Designers will see a notice to choose one from the list.
  • Clients using the Client Portal are now directed to the Profile page with their stored information upon logging in.
  • Documents that have been disabled for viewing in Client Portal are still visible when a direct link is provided.
  • An Items toggle has been added to Client Portal Settings.
  • Designers now have an option to add a Selling Total to their Project Worksheet reports that do not include tax for hassle-free filing with their state.

  • Project Worksheet reports now allow Designers to choose between displaying Client Deposits or Vendor Deposits.
  • For added security around financials, Designers will receive a log-out alert after ten minutes of inactivity.
  • Item History on Projects > Items can now be filtered by Field.
  • Tax is now included in Subtotals of 1041 02 Time Billing Invoice Summary - Standard Theme.
  • The search bar for addresses on the Clients, Vendors and Misc. Addresses pages now searches within address records in addition to names.
  • The search bar field for Invoice # on Projects > Invoices > All page now searches for partial matches.
  • The Training and Resources section on the Dashboard has been rebranded as Training and Knowledge, and has been updated with the most current information and links.


  • Sales Tax locations (Summary) reports now show the proper percentages for all columns, rather than adding up the amounts into one field.
  • Designers using Accounting > Bank Import can now select credit orders and enter the proper credit amounts without the system unchecking the checkbox.
  • Images now show on RFQ and Spec reports when they are run through the Report Builder.
  • Outstanding Reconciliation reports now match the Reconciliation field on Accounting > Reconciliation.