July 6, 2021 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes.

> Studio Designer
Version 2.5.6 – June 2021 Release
  • New & Improved:
    • Added a new payment section in the My Company and Address screens. Users can enable whatever payment provider they please.
      • Payroc
      • PayPal
      • Stripe account
    • Clients who receive IAD and PDF’s with Pay Now links are now able to pay via Stripe and PayRoc ACH and credit card methods.
    • Studio Designer users are able to access their Stripe Dashboard within the My Company page.
    • Redesigned Purchase Order Screen with improved functionalities which gives the users the ability to:
      • Create Orders from Order screen.
      • Bulk update dates from Order screen.
      • Minor UI updates.
    • Redesigned Invoice Screen has been with improved functionalities which gives the users the ability to:
      • Create an Invoice from the screen
      • Bulk update dates from Invoice screen.
      • Bulk approve the invoices from the Invoice screen.
      • Minor UI updates.
    • Selecting proposal #, order #, and invoice # as filter on the item screen will not predefine the client and vendor.
    • Items associated with a Proposal or Invoice cannot be made inactive.
    • Users have the ability to enter in a Vendor Invoice # within an item without fully receiving the inventory quantity.
  • Rapid Resolutions:
    • Fixed the ability to pay via credit card on PDF Pay Now link.
    • Voiding time billing invoices now creates void entries in the general ledger.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • ‘Cancel’ button on the purchase order screen returns users to the item screen when creating or editing an order from the item screen.
    • Prevented users from posting multiple payments via MoneyIn until the first payment is posted.-
    • Sales Tax is recalculated when cloning an item.
    • Switching Specify Only to yes on an existing item now removes the selling unit cost off the item.
    • Fixed error message when moving merchandise item to inventory
    • Saving a custom order payment description now carries over to the Money Out screen.
    • Removed duplicate categories in the Inventory module.
    • Time Tracking Entries with reimbursable billing code and Billable equal true display correctly on IAD.
    • Purchase Order PDF fixed to include both purchase sales tax, purchase sales tax 2 in the subtotal section.
    • Fixed order data alignment for multiple items in order pop up.
    • Order preview screen includes purchase sales tax 2 amount at the item and subtotal level.
    • Enabling Undeposited funds on the Codes section of the My Company screen only works for the Money In Cash Account.
    • The disable toggle in the Manage Portal page only disables the email address for that specific client
    • Canceling out of Settings -> Other Cost edit screen does not allow you to save blank required fields.
    • Users are alerted with error message when uploading an image with lengthy file name


> Client Portal:
Version 2.1.8 – June 2021 Release
    • New and Improved:
      • Redesign the payment section to make it more intuitive and easier to user.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Clicking anywhere on the image area of an item on the item screens directs user to the item details screen.