March 8, 2021 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes.

> Studio Designer
Version 2.5.2 – March 2021 Release
  • New & Improved:
    • As a company, would you like to allow an employee the ability to edit their own default ‘Email Signature’?
      • Now enable a user or multiple users this ability.
      • Then the user can edit their ‘Email Signature’ default from their ‘Profile’.
      • Click here to learn more.

    • We have greatly enhanced the functions of the ‘My Company’ -> ‘Report Defaults’ landing page to improve clarity on what is and is not shared on documents by default.
      For example:
      • Clarified choices for document email CC’s through ‘Copy Sent Documents’.
      • Users can now separately set the default parameters for Proposals, Orders, & Invoices within the ‘Report Option Defaults’ section.
      • Users can now setup the default ‘Show’ settings for Time Billing options.
      • Improved overall appearance.

    • Quick link to ‘My Inventory’ added to the ‘Item’ detail page if the Proposed, Ordered, or Invoiced Item has an associated ‘Inventory ID’.
      Look for the ‘Open’ link next to the Inventory ID.
      • To learn more about this and other Studio Designer icons, click here.

    • Proposal landing page improvements to enhance workflow and view options.
      For example:
      • Proposal view options are now easily selected on tabs across the top.
      • ‘Create New Proposal’ action added to the Proposal view.
      • New colored icons:
        Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 1.27.36 PM
        included for ‘Approved’ status & ‘Publicly Visible’ status
    • Improved the messaging to clients when errors occur with PayPal payments.
    • The ‘Message’ field is now expandable! When sharing Proposals, Purchase Orders and Invoices, the email ‘Message’ text field is now expandable vertically to better read and write your messages.
    • Clarified adding attachments and images when working in the report builder.
    • Improved Item cloning to include additional information being copied over such as the URL link.

  • Rapid Resolutions:
    • Trouble clearing a search or filter field? Resolved instances of the red ‘x’ missing when trying to clear filter searches.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • A ‘Tax Rule’ must always be defined for a ‘Tax Location’. Clarified the requirement for a ‘Tax Rule’ to be assigned when editing or creating a tax location.
    • Refined the user’s ‘Move to Inventory’ functionalities for proposed & invoiced items.
    • When sharing an RFQ via email, the text in the message field did not always display properly in the sent email.
    • Money Out account default no longer reverts to ‘Undeposited Funds’ when this option is being used. This default should only occur in the case of ‘Money In’.
    • Resolved some issues of client total’s still being visible even if user permissions were set to hide client cost.
    • Minor bug fixes.

> Client Portal:
Version 2.1.6 – March 2021 Release
    • Rare instances when the invoice filter was not functioning properly in the portal.
    • Minor bug fixes
> Studio Capture:
Version 1.9.24 – March 2021 Release
    • Item number and component autofill when a room is selected similar to the operation within Studio Designer.
    • Minor bug fixes.

> Studio Designer Mobile App:
Version 1.15 – March 2021 Release
    • User interface improvements.
    • Minor bug fixes.