May 2022 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes

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> Studio Designer

Version 2.9.0 – May 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • The Reconciliation screen now calculates and displays a total of all selected entries
  • Invoices and Proposals can now be generated and saved with payment history in PDF form on the one-time payment page
  • Reports now feature Inventory Location as a dropdown filter and a column
  • For additional clarity, Reports that are active now read Report Active instead of Active
  • The Void button on Invoices is now only clickable a single time to prevent potential General Ledger discrepancies
  • Additional clarifying text has been added to the Close the Year page
  • Designers can now create brand new Inventory Categories and manage them via Settings > Categories
  • Time Billing entries can now be scrolled through for easier navigation
  • 01 Payment Application Report now features a First Component Only filter
  • Income Statement Reports can now be filtered by date range 
  • An Exclude Zero filter has been added to the Client Deposits Financial Form
  • Custom Forms now feature Client Payments as an available data source under Invoices
  • Custom Forms now feature Client Visible Images as an available data source under Items
  • A Delivery Status dropdown tracking various stages of shipment has been added to an Item's Edit screen
  • Activities of type Office can be created without specifying Client/Project as a required field
  • When entering Office Payments, a warning now appears if the payment is suspected to be a duplicate entry
  • When Copy Me is checked during document sharing, a copy of the email is sent to the designer regardless of whether they are cc'ed
  • Sidemarks can now be viewed on Order previews and Interactive Orders
  • The ability to view an Item's History tab can now be controlled via Employee Permissions
  • Changing the prepopulated To: email address when using the Send to Vendor functionality on document sharing will no longer update the email address on the Vendor profile

Bug Fixes:

  • The Product # filter on the Products page returns the appropriate results
  • Defaults set by Sales Codes and Client/Address Codes properly apply to items created via Product templates
  • Custom Reports properly display the names of users the report has been shared with when clicking the magnifying glass
  • 1010 01 RFQ correctly displays the Address header and footer defaults
  • 1020 14 - Proposal Retail With Discount correctly displays the subtotal
  • 1020 04 - Proposal With Item Discount correctly displays all images when visibility is enabled
  • A character limit of 255 is upheld when adding to the Description field within an item's Images & Attachments section
  • The Taxable setting on Time Billing entries correctly pulls from the selected Time Rate
  • Time Billing setting 5 Client, Employee, Group, Activity correctly displays Time Rates
  • Manually entered Time Rates override pre-existing values in Time Billing entries
  • Measures against making duplicate payments on invoices and proposals are in place; Clients can no longer click Pay Now more than once per single transaction
  • Vendor Terms and Vendor Deposit properly update when an item is cloned and the vendor is changed
  • Vendor Selling Discount percentages populate correctly on the item when a discount is selected
  • Visible to Client and Visible to Vendor boxes are unchecked when an item's main image is changed to one of its other images
  • Client Portal invitations are sent immediately after clicking Send without delay
  • Interactive Document links shared via email are now clickable
  • Interactive Documents correctly reflect custom form titles
  • Custom forms are displaying all images correctly
  • Newly created folders within the Media Library are able to be assigned names
  • The Ship Via field on a Vendor contact correctly applies to any newly created items and Purchase Orders tied to that contact
  • When creating a Purchase Order within an Item's Edit screen, options to go directly to the new Purchase Order are available
  • Measures against setting paid or partially paid Proposals to Inactive are in place
  • Newly created Items default to an empty CFA field when a CFA is not specified upon creation
  • Payment options are assignable to Addresses of type Project
  • The View dropdown on the Items and Activities screens is correctly displaying the dropdown options

> Client Portal

Version 2.13.0 – May 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • For ease of access, Clients can now pin individual Proposals, Invoices, and Items to the top of the screen
  • Clients can now sort Invoices and Proposals by choosing different options in a dropdown located on the top right of the list view
  • Invoices and Proposals can now be generated and saved with payment history in PDF form within the Client Portal
  • Rejected Items that are not on a Proposal now appear on the Items screen
  • Once the Client is authenticated, the list of Projects now displays as cards
  • When a Client's Reset Password email link has expired, they will be directed to the login page
  • When a Client registers for the Client Portal, their password is briefly revealed while registering an account
  • The Items list page layout now matches the layout of the Invoice and Proposal list pages

Bug Fixes:

  • The Pay Now link now displays properly on Invoices and Proposals