How Do I Receive Approval and Rejection Notifications with Multiple Users?

Automate receiving approval or rejection notifications to multiple users. The users will receive an email notification whether your client approves or rejects an item or proposal.


Step 1.
Create a New Contact by clicking New+ > Contact

Step 2. Add the user's information.

  1. Address ID = Client/Project Name
  2. Name = User name
  3. Email = User's email can be entered in the work or home field, ensure the work or home email box is checked.

Step 3. The last thing you would need to do is ensure that you check off which notifications you would like to have the user receive. These options are located in the bottom right corner of the new contact window, Email options for Client Portal & Interactive Documents.

Client Portal / Interactive Documents email options:

  • Receive Approval/Reject Interactive Documents:
  • Receive Approval/Reject Client Portal:
  • Receive Like/Dislike Client Portal:


You can also do this from the Client Address by going to Projects>Clients and opening the Client/Project you want to assign the user to.  Opening the address and clicking on the People tab at the top will open up the new client window.


Pro tip: You can clone the contact and assign the clone to another Client/Project. The cloned contact will open once you save and then you can reassign to another Address ID and save the clone.