My Clients Can't Approve Proposals in the Client Portal.

When your clients can't approve proposals in the Client Portal, double-check the following settings.

Verify that the Client's approval permissions are enabled

Step 1. Click on Projects>Client Portal

Step 2.
Click on the gear icon next to the client. This is the individual settings menu for each client you invite to the project.

Step 3. Toggle on the Approval permissions for the ability to approve by item, entire proposal, or both.

Verify that the document is publicly visible

Step 1. Navigate to Projects>Proposals Projects>Invoices page and find your document

Step 2. Note the "Visible" column. A red X means that your client will not be able to view it

Step 3. To enable public visibility, click on the pencil icon to the right to edit the document

Step 4. At the top right of the page, click the box marked "Publicly Visible"; the changes will take effect immediately (saving the document is not required)