Uploading Your Logo

Studio Designer allows you to import your logo to automatically be displayed on your forms and within the Client Portal.  

Upload Logo

Step 1. Start by clicking on Settings>My Company>Report Defaults

Step 2. Click on "Select File" and choose which logo you want to use. 

Your image name cannot contain spaces and the image must be saved in one of the following formats: .png .jpg .jpeg .gif

Note: You upload a maximum of 3 header logos and 3 footer logo images. 

A file name will be placed into the space for Header Logo 1. Do NOT change this file name or your logo will not be visible within Studio Designer. 

Best Practices

Since web documents are rendered in PDF, they tend to stretch images just slightly which can blur lines. This tends to be more obvious in text and logos with minimal contrast. 

To help you get the best-looking logo possible, please be sure that your logo adheres as closely as possible to the recommendations below PRIOR to uploading:

Step 1. Ideally, when the logo is viewed at full size (100%), your logo should be just slightly smaller than you actually want it to print.  

Step 2. The logo should be a maximum width of 700 pixels and a maximum height of 150 pixels.  This does not mean that your logo must be 700 x 150 pixels, it means that it should not be any wider than 700 pixels or any higher than 150 pixels.

Note: An image that is 700 pixels wide will span the width of the page.

Step 3. Be sure that what you upload is crisp and high quality. 

Step 4. The image should be a maximum of 2MB.

Step 5.
Logo files must be in an image file format such as .JPG or .PNG in order to show up properly on forms.

Note: Consider using the Client Portal with interactive documents rather than PDF documents.  Logos and images viewed within Interactive Documents are rendered in HTML and do not suffer the stretching and adjustments that PDF documents do.