My File Won't Upload for My Bank Import

Remove Lines Above Data / Save As .csv

The file you import must be a .csv with nothing or only column headers above the actual data.  

Some banks provide Excel exports, but not .csv, so you may need to modify the file before using or importing it.

In the example below I've opened my downloaded file with Microsoft Excel, and there are text lines and blank lines above the data.  In this case, I need to delete all of the lines above the data.


To delete these lines, I'll select the lines and right-click within the left (numbered) column to open the submenu where I can select Delete, or you can select Delete from Edit in the menu bar at the top of the screen.


If your file does not already have .csv extension, select File and Save As, then select Comma Separated Values (.csv) for the Format.



Important Notes

1. Negative amounts must have a minus sign (-) denoting that they are negative.  Parenthesis are not valid to denote a negative number and you will need to format them to remove the parenthesis and add the - minus sign.  This will need to be done prior to creating the mapping record, and each time you import.

2. The Import allows for up to seven (7) columns.  If your data file has more than six (6) and data that you want is in anything past the sixth column, you will need to delete un-needed columns before creating the mapping record and each time you import.

3. You can only select one column for amounts.  If your bank separates out debits and credits into two different columns, you'll need to combine them into one column prior to creating the mapping record, and each time you import.