Using "Move To Inventory" Options

Trouble finding the 'Move To Inventory' or 'Move To New Inventory' options for your item? Items can be quickly moved to your inventory with just a few clicks, but the correct circumstances must be met first.

move inventory

In the 'Item' details, two options will be visible as shown above only if certain conditions are met:

  1. The 'Item' must have been ordered. 
    For Example:  So if the 'Item' was captured via Studio Capture, and not yet ordered, these options will not be visible within the 'Item' detail.
  2. The 'Item' must not have an associated invoice.
    For Example:  If the 'Item' was ordered for a client and already invoiced, yet the client returned the item, the invoice must first be voided or the item deleted from the invoice before these options are visible.