No option for the client to pay for proposal on Client Portal

This article provides designers with the information needed if the client claims that there is no option to pay for a proposal in the client portal

Step 1: Check Company Settings

First, we need to navigate over to Settings > My Company and select the 'Payment Defaults' tab. Here we can verify the third-party payment processors are connected to your Studio account. If not, feel free to check out these articles on Stripe Setup, Activating ACH Payments, and Other Payment Options for more information.

Step 2: Check Client/Project Settings

The next setting to check is found under the client codes. Navigate to Projects > Clients, select the client/project you are working with, and click on the 'Payment' tab. Here we can select the preferred payment method (Credit Card and/or ACH) and through which payment service.

Step 3: Check Proposal Settings

Another place to control payments is found on the proposal screen. Navigate to Projects > Proposals and select the proposal number. On the top right corner of the screen, there is an option to switch on and off for both of the payment methods.

Step 4: Check Client Portal Settings

The final setting to check is if the client has the ability to approve the item on the proposal. Navigate to Projects > Client Portal and select the cog icon associated with the client's email. If the client is set to approve items/proposals, approval is required in order for the option to pay to appear on the client portal. Turning these settings off will display the option to pay without needing the client to approve first.

Step 5: Checking Deposit Balance

The remaining criteria that will need to be met in order for the payment option to appear on the Client Portal is making sure there is a deposit balance for the item/proposal. The payment option will not appear if there is no balance.