October 2022 Release

New features, platform improvements, and fixes

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Version 2.13 – October 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • Multiple selected reports can now be made active and inactive as a bulk action.
  • Image folders can now be deleted if they contain no files.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) widget is now available within the Financial Dashboard. 
  • Income Statement Annual now has the same filters as other income statement reports.
  • Item History now includes changes to Discount Taken, Selling Deposit Amount, Selling Mark Up Deposit Percentage, Selling Mark Up Deposit Amount, Sales Tax Deposit Amount, Budget Other Costs (High & Low), Vendor Discount Percent (Selling & Purchase), Finish, Item Code 1, Item Code 2, Vendor Status, and Manufacturer.
  • Item’s Created Date now displays within the Item History tab.
  • Product Description values can now be up to 256 characters in length.
  • Users can now display Active or Inactive users within Client Portal Management via toggle. 
  • The Update Tax tab within Misc. Address now has more explicit instructions. 
  • Accounting Dashboard has been renamed to Financial Dashboard in Preferred Start Page dropdown.
  • The Studio Designer logo has been updated on the login page.
  • The Studio Designer logo has been updated on the signup page.
  • When scrolling through My Products, the filters now stick to the top of the page.
  • Account Payable Aging days can now be clicked on the Accounts Payable widget, which take the Designer to pre-filtered records depending on your widget selections. If you are viewing the AP widget and there is an amount in the 30, 60, 90 days column, clicking the number will show the orders that make up that amount in the PO list.


  • Report Builder now renders reports properly when an item’s Vendor Description and/or Client Description contain special characters.
  • Sorting by Type on Chart of Accounts is now working correctly.
  • After deleting a product, the link to the product will be automatically removed from all related items.
  • Time Billing/Activities date format now adjusts when the date format is changed in Settings > My Company
  • After clicking Save & New on Time Billing entries, the Start Time and End Time input values now behave appropriately.
  • Files that are not linked to an item can now be deleted. 
  • Images & Files visibility checkbox is now consistent with other checkbox types.
  • The Activities Not Completed Dashboard widget now routes to a properly filtered Activities list. 
  • User now stays on the Update Tax tab on Misc. Address when the page is reloaded, if they were on that tab previously.
  • Users can now run a Project Worksheet with GPM and view the reports with any criteria without error. 
  • Sales Tax is now hidden properly on Time Billing Invoice Interactive Documents when Hide Sales Tax is checked within Settings > My Company. 
  • The Open Invoice icon now displays properly when editing an Item.
  • The Client Deposits Report now includes Funds Received, Proposal Deposits, Invoice Payments, Funds Available, and Client Deposits when including zero filters are set to Yes.
  • Items that are saved with Notes that are too long now report errors properly to the User.
  • Employee Default Overrides for Activities now automatically fill in the Activity field of an Activities/Time Billing entry when selecting an Employee. 
  • Activities with an existing link to an Item now prompt the designer when attempting to change the Client of the Activities/Time Billing entry. 
  • Default email message set in Settings > My Company > Email now automatically sets default email messages for Client Portal invitations. 
  • Gross Profit Margin (GPM) in Reports display now displays correctly.
  • Bulk Proposal sharing now sets Emailed Date and Public Visibility. 
  • Users can no longer apply funds to a voided invoice
  • Interactive Document emails now have orange hyperlinks within the email body. 
  • Users can now toggle between tabs on new Inventory entries without receiving an error.
  •  Gross Profit Margin (GPM) now displays corrected values reports and within Item Details when Specify Only is Yes. 
  • Users can now enter an Estimated Delivery Date value that is before the Estimated Ship Date within Item Details. 

> Client Portal

Version 2.15 – October 2022 Release


  • Client Portal invoices no longer load continuously after the target invoice is marked not Publicly Visible by the designer. 
  • Blank Client Portal proposals are no longer displayed when the target proposal is marked not Publicly Visible by the designer. 
  • Time Billing invoices now display correctly for all clients with the appropriate settings. 
  • Unit Prices now calculate correctly when markup is added to the unit price.