October 2023 Release: Studio Designer

This version includes the introduction of a integrated credit card fee-pass through option for StudioPay users and various fixes applied to Studio Designer.


Time Clock 

Designers now have the ability to track their time directly in Studio Designer, and automatically create Time Entries from logged time with our new Time Clock feature. 

Users can track time on as many as five clients or projects at once. To get started, select your Project or Client and Activity, then click Play to start the timer. Once the timer is stopped, a new Time Entry will be automatically created with the time tracked by the Time Clock. 

Designers are able to adjust the information as needed, just as with manually created entries. Upon saving, the entry will appear on the Time Billing page and can be invoiced. 

To learn more about the new Time Clock feature, click here

Fee Pass-Through ᴮᴱᵀᴬ 

Designers can now enable Fee Pass-Through to add a 3% fee to credit card transactions processed through StudioPay. 

To enable Fee Pass-Through for your firm, reach out to studiopay@studiodesigner.com for initial activation of this setting. 

Once it's been enabled, Designers can activate the fee at either a document, Client, or company-wide level. Click here to learn more. 

Monosnap screencast 2023-10-10 12-54-31

Not using StudioPay yet? Click here to learn more about getting started. 

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Version 2.15.8 – October 2023 Release 

New and Improved:

  • Users will see a Hide Item Price checkbox for both Proposals and Invoice columns on Settings > My Company > Report Defaults > Reports and Client Portal Options. When checked, the Item Totals for individual items will not be displayed on the proposal and/or invoice within the Client Portal or Payment Portal.
  • There is a 30-character limit for Customized Status Labels on Settings > Items > Priorities.
  • The Training and Knowledge section of the Dashboard has been updated with new content for Implementation Offerings, Knowledge Base, and Professional Services.
  • Misc Address has been renamed to Other Address under + New. Misc. and Addresses have been renamed to All Address under Projects. 


  • Designers will see a warning message when canceling the connection for an automatic bank import with Plaid. 
  • Designers can use a lookup functionality to select an address that has been marked as Other and is not visible in the Vendor dropdown when performing a bank import mapping. 
  • Items with more than one image and attachment can be bulk-copied between clients. 
  • Clients will only be charged for the 3% convenience fee in the event their payment fails the first time and has to be resubmitted.
  • Designers will see the full payment amount (document amount + fee) for posting when using fee pass-through. 
  • Time Billing default checkboxes, associated sorting, and grouping functions can be saved and sent to the Client Portal. 
  • Usernames are no longer case-sensitive to avoid duplicate Client Portal login credentials.
  • Designers no longer have to refresh reports twice when selecting a new filter. 
  • Customer Forms report images and fonts have been fixed.