October 26, 2020 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes.

Studio Designer
Version 2.4.8 – Release October 2020

  • New & Improved:
    • Allowing negative amounts and percentages for markup and other costs. For example, allowing users to effectively reduce the retail selling price by entering a negative markup. 
    • Sales code mark up percentage will now override the client default mark up as was in 1.0.
    • The ‘Support’ landing page will now direct users to the Knowledge Base: Knowledge.studiodesigner.com.
    • Document Titles: File names will now contain the document number in the title when saved. Proposal, Purchase Order, and Invoice file names will default to include the associated number.
  • Bug Fixes & Rapid Resolutions:
    • US Florida and US Florida Luxury 5000 tax rule not calculating sales tax correctly resulting in incorrect invoice totals.
    • Issue of some US state and local tax rules not calculating correctly.
    • While creating a new ‘Item’, the ‘Vendor’ selection box was missing your vendor listing.
    • In some cases, user was not able to initially edit some selling fields once an item was cloned prior to saving.
    • Certain cases creating a time billing invoice, ‘Non-billable’ activities were showing as ‘Billable’.
    • Invoice ‘Item’ removal function incorrectly removing item when cancelling the process.
    • Item balances not always correlating between views.
    • Assigned ‘Item’ number incorrectly being changed when assigned a different ‘Room’
    • Enabled users to zero (0) out the purchase quantity when creating a credit invoice.
    • Mark up amounts showing incorrectly upon initial entry.
    • In some cases, certain filters did not display properly when applied to reports.
    • Instances when an invoiced ‘Proposal’ is shared through interactive documents and showing the wrong status.
    • Various visual and accuracy improvements made to the user interface and document sharing applications. Cleaning up various formatting, spelling, punctuation, line breaks, including quick link and tool tip improvements.

Studio Capture (Safari / Chrome):
Version 1.9.22 – Release October 2020

  • Improvements:
    • Studio Capture will now automatically fill in information on a captured ‘Item’, including images. This greatly decreases the amount of time needed to capture an important item.
    • ‘Room’ designation is no longer a required field when adding an ‘Item’ via Studio Capture. This is not a required entry for adding a new ‘Item’ within StudioDesigner.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Various layout limitations that would sometimes cut off part of the extension tools and images.

Client Portal:
Version 2.1.3 – Release October 2020

  • Improvements:
    • Creating a better client experience: The Client Portal is more than five times faster and much more efficient.
    • Enlarged and improved image quality to enhance the client experience. The Primary and secondary image options have also been improved.
    • Disabled the ‘Pay’ option within the Client Portal when client settings do not have online payment options setup.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • ‘First Component’ user display issues when multiple components are included within the Client Portal.
    • Duplicate item approvals showing in client portal resulting in incorrect totals.
    • Proposal deposit balances reflecting negative values.
    • Approval quota not updating in real time once ‘Proposals’ are approved.
    • Instances when the ‘Funds’ display within the client portal was reporting incorrect values such as the “Approved not invoiced deposit balance” incorrectly showing ‘Total’ amount approved value.
    • Cleaned up the viewing experience with slight adjustments to images and descriptions.

Mobile App: (iOS / Android):
Version 1.15 – Release October 2020

  • Improvements:
    • Improved ability to track time and include applicable time rates to entered activities.
    • Improved the stability for ‘Basic’ users logging into and using the mobile app.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Time entries not saving correctly when tracking activities within the mobile app.