Out of Balance: Blank Account

How to identify general ledger entries with a blank account and assigning an account.

Step 1: Identify your general ledger entries with a blank account. 

  1. Review the 01 Transactions by going to Report Builder > Reports > 01 Transactions
  2. Select Is Blank for your Amount.

All accounting transactions with a blank account should be reviewed in the General Ledger screen and have an assigned account number. 

Step 2: Assign account numbers to general ledger entries with blank accounts.

  1. Go to the the Balance Detail by selecting the Edit (pencil icon) button on the right-hand side.   
  2. Select the Edit (pencil icon) on the right-hand side of the entry again.
  3. Select the account from the drop down and select the Change Account Now text box. Enter the correct account number in the Change Account Now text box and click Save. Please consult your bookkeeper or accountant for guidance on assigning an account number.