Professional Services: Custom Training and Support

Our team can offer personalized training and support in one-hour sessions, covering any topic you request.


Studio Designer charges each project starting at $165 for custom training and support sessions.

Studio Designer Support cannot offer users any accounting-specific advice including but not limited to advising which accounts to use, which tax location to use, how to set up taxes, etc.

For specific financial advice, partner with your CPA or reach out to one of our trusted Consultant Partners. We can help partner your firm with a consultant, via Consultant Services.

Service Outline

If you're interested in a custom training or support session, you'll first need to fill out a Professional Services request form. What we go over in these sessions is up to you—the more detail you provide when filling out the form, the better our team can prepare and assist.

Once we have the details of what the training or support session will cover, we'll partner you with an expert best suited to deliver the training, who will reach out to you to schedule the session.

If a question arises during the training that we're unable to address in the moment, we won't leave you hanging. Rest assured that we'll reach out to with a solution via follow-up email once the session has concluded.

We can typically get custom training scheduled as early as within one week of receiving your form, availability pending.

Topics we can offer custom training/support on:

1. General Use/Best Practice

2. Settings/Defaults

3. Time Billing

4. Client Portal

5. Using/Editing Reports

6. General Accounting Use (Money In, Money Out) 

7. Inventory

Special Considerations 

  1. We can offer general accounting training regarding how to use the different accounting features and what they do in Studio Designer.
  2. We cannot advise you on what to enter within your journal entries, for instance, or instruct you regarding decisions regarding what to enter into your Chart of Accounts or Tax Location entries