Professional Services: Time Billing and Time Rate Set Up

Our team will partner with you to set up your firm's Time Rates and walk through how to use Time Billing.


Studio Designer charges from $165 per hour for Time Billing Training and/or Time Rate Set up.


If you're new to Studio Designer and want to learn Time Billing or need to set up any additional Time Rates, our team at Studio Designer can assist.

We can help in either of two ways:

  1. Hands on: Set up a one-hour call and walk you through the process of how to use Time Billing and create your Time Rates. This personalized training is provided over screen share so that next time you can confidently repeat the process on your own.
  2. Hands off: We'll provide a CSV template for you to fill out with the mandatory information needed to begin the Time Rate setup. Once you've filled out the template, our team will take care of the setup for you with no additional calls or time commitments from you.

Be sure to specify which of these two options works for you when filling out the form for this Professional Service request.