Portable Document Format (PDF)

Studio Designer will automatically use your default browser settings to view PDF documents.  We recommend setting it to use Adobe Reader so that viewing is quick and easy to print. 

As with pop up blockers, each browser will be different and you can do an internet search for "Set portable document format in xxxxxxxx" where xxxxxx represents your browser to find the instructions for your specific browser and version.

To enable the Acrobat PDF extension in Chrome:

  • Launch Google Chrome and select the menu at the top right (represented by three vertical dots).
  • Go to Tools (might also say More Tools), then extensions. 
  • An extension named Adobe Acrobat – Create PDF should be present, for which the Enabled checkbox would be unchecked. Switch on the Enabled checkbox.  If the Adobe extension is not on the list, choose Get More Extensions at the bottom and search for Adobe.  Once you locate Adobe, click Add to Chrome, then Add extension.

You should now see the Adobe icon on your browser bar. 

Select the Google menu again.

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced.
  • Select Content Settings under Privacy and Security.
  • Scroll down to PDF documents.
  • Turn off “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome.”


To do this in Firefox

  • Select Tools
  • Select Options
  • Select Applications
  • Select Portable Document Format
  • Select Use Adobe Reader (default)