Check Dates in the General Ledger

Depending on your configuration in Settings > My Company > Codes, printed checks can be posted to the General Ledger either using the value in the Check Date field or on the date that they were set to Printed.

The Posting Payments segment of Settings > My Company > Codes allows users to configure whether the General Ledger should use the Check Date or the Printed Date when posting printed checks.

By default, this box is unchecked.

This means that any printed check payments posted to the General Ledger will display the value that was entered into the Check Date field during payment creation.

By checking the box next to Printed Checks Post to the General Ledger with the Printed Date, this setting can be configured to instead use the date and time that the Post Printed button in Accounting > Money Out > Pending Payments was clicked and the check was set to Printed (even in the event that the check is backdated).