Printing Checks

This feature allows you to print checks that you are able to pay to your vendors for orders as well as other office-related expenses.

Once you have a created an order for items for a project you are working on, you need to pay the vendor you are purchasing the items from. Studio Designer makes this feature very easy for you.

  1. To make a payment to an Order you may do this in 2 locations. You may do this by going to Accounting > Money Out. Or you are able to do this directly through viewing the order by selecting “Enter Payment”. Please see the article on orders for payments.


  1. Once you have created an Order and recorded the payment to the vendor and selected “Create Check Entries” you will be able to print the checks for the vendor.


  1. To print a check or multiple checks go to Accounting > Money Out > and scroll down to the pending payments section.


  1. Here you will see Print Checks, Post Printed, Post Manual, and Post Other.


  1. You need to select “Print Checks” and a window will pop up where you will be prompted to select a Check Form. You need to select a form in order to generate a preview of the checks. The Check form is different layouts of how the check appears, it is up to your preference.


  1. Then you can select “Print” and you will have your checks for your vendors. You may also export as a PDF or send via email as well.
  2. You are also able to Print Checks for Office Expenses such as rent, utilities, supplies, etc...
  3. The steps to do this are very similar to the steps above, one of the main differences is that you need to make sure you have an address created for the person you are issuing the check for. 
  4. If you are ready to write the check for an office expense you can do so by going to Accounting > Money Out > Office Payments. 
  5. Now you can select the person you are issuing the check to and fill in the rest of the payment details. Here you can choose what account you are pulling the $ Money from and the description.
  6. Next you can click "Save" and the record will be created.
  7. Now you can go back to the "Pending Payments" section in the Money Out screen and repeat the steps to print the check and post it once it clears.