Proposals - Viewing & Editing

Proposals can be easily viewed and edited from the Proposal listing screen

View Proposals:

Access the 'Proposal' listing by:

  1. Select 'Projects' from the left hand menu bar.
  2. Select 'Proposals'
  3. A listing of your proposals will be visible.
  4. Filter results to easily find and edit a proposal.

Proposal Listing Filter Options:

  • Proposal #
    • Enter Proposal # to list only a particular Proposal.
  • Client/Project
    • Select a Client or Project name through the drop down menu to list all proposals related to a particular client or project.
  • Proposal Date From & Proposal Date To
    • Enter a date range to list all Proposals for a particular date range.
  • Description
    • Enter a distinct word that was entered to describe a particular Proposal or several Proposals.
  • Active
    • A check mark in this box will list only Active Proposals.  Removing the check will list all Proposals that are inactive and active.

View Listing

There are five viewing options for this listing:

  1. All – will list all proposals
  2. Not Approved – will list only unapproved proposals
  3. Approved – will list only all approved proposals
  4. Approved Deposit Due – will list only approved proposals with deposit balances
  5. All Deposit Due – will list approved and unapproved proposals with deposit balances

Edit Proposals:

Click on the 'Proposal#' to edit

Four tab choices:

  1. Proposal:
    1. View the Proposal, View, Edit, Delete Items from the Proposal
  2. Edit:
    1. Edit parts of the Proposal such as description, dates, special instructions.
  3. Items:  Allows for a quick update to all items on the proposal.  Applies the changes to the details of all items on the Proposal.
    1. Percent Complete- update the percent deposit requested.
    2. Quote Received Date
    3. CFA Approval Date
    4. Est Ship Date
    5. Date Shipping
    6. Date Received
    7. Date Delivered
    8. Expediting Date
  4. Notes:
    1. Allows internal notes & timestamp to be added.

Adding Items to you Proposal:

For more information about adding Items to an existing Proposal, click HERE.

TIP:  Don't forget, if you need to display or hide certain Proposal details, such as markup or other costs, be sure to check your Print Defaults settings HERE.