Purchasing Inventory

The inventory feature allows you to manage owned and consigned Inventory.

There is a common confusion between Inventory and Products.  Inventory is used when you have a physical piece available for sale.  My Products refers to a type of catalog of products that you can keep in Studio Designer to hold the details about products that you frequently sell and then use those details to quickly create an item to sell to your clients.

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Purchase Inventory

Building inventory with multiple components

Purchase Consignment Inventory 


How to Purchase Inventory  

To purchase new inventory items, select Projects, items, then New Item (top right). 

Select the Purchase Inventory button (low left).  Then the Client / Project field will automatically = INVENTORY.  

Enter the Inventory ID of the inventory you want to purchase.  This will automatically fill in the description and costs from the Inventory ID.

Once the inventory item is created, it will be in the Item List with the other items.  Filter for Client = Inventory.  Locate the item, and enter a checkmark in the Order box, then click the Create Order button to create an Order.  The quantity on the order will increase.

Go to the Inventory page and receive the item.  The quantity received will increase.


     2a. Building inventory with multiple components 

Sometimes there may be more than one component to an inventory item. 

When this is the case, you will create an item for each component.

  1. Select the Inventory ID for the master inventory record.
  2. Change the vendor to reflect the correct vendor for the applicable component.
  3. Edit the purchase cost to reflect the cost of the component being ordered.
  4. Remove the checkmark within the Primary box beside the purchase cost of the component.
  5. Return to the item list and create an order for the component.


Primary: If Primary is checked, the quantities are increased for the inventory selected on the item tab.

Example: To build a sofa you might need two or more items.

1. Create an item for the sofa.

  • Vendor and description will most likely keep the information that auto-fills from the Inventory ID.
  • Update the purchase cost to reflect the amount due for the sofa (frame only).
  • Leave Primary checked.

2. Create an item for the fabric.

  • Update the vendor to reflect the fabric vendor.
  • Update the descriptions to reflect the fabric details.
  • Update the purchase cost to reflect the costs of the fabric.
  • Remove the checkmark from Primary.


      2b. Purchase Consignment Inventory 

Consignment inventory is purchased exactly like normal inventory with the following exceptions:

  • A separate Inventory ID must be created for each consignment piece.  You should never have a quantity of  > 1 for any consignment inventory.
  • When creating the item to purchase the consignment piece, change Consignment to Yes on the Codes Tab of the Item.

Create an order for the item. The quantity on the order will increase.

Go to the Inventory page and receive the item. The quantity received will increase.