Quick Add for New Users/Employee

Step 1. Click on Settings>Add/Remove Users

Step 2. On the Add/Remove Users page, fill out the user’s information (First Name, Last Name, Email.) 

Step 3. Once you have everything filled out, click Add.

Note: If you have the employee profile created already, then you can use the "Add User from Employee Profile" fields shown in the image above. If you don't have the Employee Profile created, you can use the "Add New User" fields. The User Id field will automatically populate for you. Click here for a helpful walkthrough guide.

Step 4. Your newly added user will now appear in the Active User list also found on the same page.

Note: We recommend going back to the My Employees to ensure the User ID field populated 


Note: If you like to learn more about creating new users and employees, click the link Adding New Users and Employees