Reimbursables are expenses you can invoice your clients for amounts you pay, for example, FedEx, Copies, Couriers, etc. At the end of this process, you will have both a payment to post in Money Out and a Time Billing Activity that you can invoice to the client.

Warning: This is not to be used for items that you are purchasing and re-selling to your clients.  This is not for amounts charged by contractors.

  1. Head to Accounting > Money Out and click Office Payments

  2. From the Pay To dropdown, select the Vendor charging you
  3. From the Client dropdown, select the Client/Project to charge for the reimbursable entry
  4. Click New Distribution
  5. Click Show Reimbursable
  6. Select the Expense Account
  7. Change the description (not required)
  8. Enter the amount you paid in and the client you want to create a reimbursable entry for
  9. Enter the % to markup the entry (not required) and the amount you want to charge the client in the Reimbursable field
  10. When you are ready to complete the entry, select Post Reimbursable. Clicking Post Reimbursable will create a Time Billing entry that you can review by clicking Time Billing on the side menu

The expense accounts and activities shown in the example above have been created for demonstration purposes, if you do not have and Expense Reimbursable or an Activity named Reimbursable, you can create them or use alternatives that already exist.

Each charge for every client can be entered separately, or you can combine all charges for each client, but you must have a separate distribution line for each client in order to select the appropriate options. 

Note: These amounts do not feed into Project Worksheets or Profit Analysis reports.

Warning: Be sure to post the reimbursables before posting the expense. Once the disbursement has been posted, you will no longer be able to post the reimbursable.

Once the reimbursable entries have been posted, they can no longer be edited from Money Out.  You can view and edit the reimbursable piece of the entry from within Activities or Time Billing.

Once you have posted the reimbursable, you can click Save & Close on the Money Out page and post the vendor payment as usual.