How do I remove or delete a user?

Need to remove or delete a user who no longer works for you? Here is a quick guide.

Removing a user from Studio Designer requires that you first deactivate their license:

  1. Open Settings > Add/Remove Users
  2. Toggle Active to the right of the employee name (toggle will switch to white)
  3. Confirm Yes or No: selecting Yes will disable access to Studio Designer for the selected user

Note: Only monthly users can be deactivated in this way. To deactivate a user on an annual license, please contact Support.

Once the user license is deactivated, the employee should also be marked inactive by following the below steps:

  1. Open Settings > My Employees
  2. Edit action next to employee profile
  3. Enter an employment End Date
  4. Uncheck Active  (This will remove the employee from the list of active employees and from the various drop downs within Studio Designer)
  5. Save and close

Note: To find the employee again for any reason, switch the Display Active toggle within the Employee listing.

For more in-depth details, see Deactivating Users.

To switch two annual users, we recommend emailing Support to deactivate the original user who is leaving. Once this is done, go ahead and create the new user with a separate login. This way the new user starts fresh with all of their own activities, time rates, and any previously-logged activities. Your account will be credited for the remainder of the subscription under the old user and applied instead to the new user. 

Alternatively, you can replace the previous user's information with the new user's information; we advise against this because all information previously owned by the previous user would now fall under the new user including years of time billing entries. To proceed with this method, please contact Support.