Reoccurring Journal Entries

How to create and use reoccurring journal entries.

You can create a list of reoccurring journal entries and post them as a group.  This will save time with making routine entries.  Journal entries not assigned to a 'Reoccurring List' will be deleted once posted.

First create a name for the reoccurring journal entries:

If you want to name a category to assign a group of reoccurring journal entries.  A default 'Standard Reoccurring' group is preloaded into Studio Designer.

  1. Select 'Settings'
  2. Select 'Reoccurring Lists'
  3. Select '+ New Reoccurring List'
  4. Enter a new name for your reoccurring list.  (Example: Payroll)
  5. Save

Create new journal entries and link them.

Linking the two journal entries with a common 'Reoccurring List' name will make them available to you when needed.
(Remember you need two entries in a double entry accounting system)

  1. Select 'Accounting'

  2. Select 'Journal Entry'

  3. Select 'New Journal Entry'

  4. Create new journal entries and link the reoccurring list name to each entry.

    1. Complete the entry details.

    2. Enter the reoccurring list name in the Reoccurring List section.

  5. Save and repeat the above step to create the second entry.

Using the Reoccurring List.

  1. Select 'Accounting'
  2. Select 'Journal Entry'
  3. Select the reoccurring journal entries from the 'Reoccurring List'
  4. Those journal entries should now be visible in the listing.
  5. Enter the date you want assigned to the reoccurring entries in Journal Date.
  6. Select the 'Post Entries' button.