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Report Filters

Filters can enhance your reports showing you more granular data.

If you click on the name of any report from the report list, you will come to a page where on the right side you see a preview of the report and on the left side, you see a few suggested filters to use. 

To filter your report, you will need to choose which filter to use, select an operator, and then chose what you are filtering for.

Click here for a breakdown of all available operators.


Filter a Project Worksheet by Client ID. 

Step 1. Open Reports
Step 2. Search for Project Worksheet
Step 3. Click on one of Project Worksheet formats
Step 4. On the report preview page, click on the filter line labeled “Client ID”
Step 5. Make sure the first dropdown is set to “is”
Step 6. Find your client’s ID in the right-most dropdown.

The report generated will only show items for the Client ID you selected.


To find out more about adding other filters, click here.