Request For Quote - RFQ

Requests for quotes can be generated by selecting the RFQ link on the Items List page.

  Share RFQ allows certain item details to be included in a PDF for exporting or email sharing to a vendor.

  • Theme:  Several RFQ themes can be chosen.  Choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • Select:  Fill in or verify the information within the 'Filters' section
  • Sharing Options:  Choose how you would like to share the RFQ.
  • Document Properties:  Adjust the print image size when including 'Item' images.
  • Allow Attachments:  Check or Uncheck 'Allow attachments'.
  • Preview:  Allows a quick preview of the RFQ and the information you have completed.

Note:  Multiply 'Items' can be selected from the 'Items' - 'All' page by selecting multiple items and clicking .