Reverse Cash Receipts

This article will breakdown how to reverse a cash receipt in the event of a duplicate or if you have made an error

Cash receipts must be corrected by either reversing or adjusting the original entry through the Money In screen. Be sure to use the same payment method you originally used when you brought in the funds

If you are unsure what payment method you originally used, run the Payment Application report to see.

Step 1.
Select Accounting>Money In

Step 2.
Select Payment Method.

Step 3.
Set the Received From to the client.

Step 4.
Enter the Date, Check#, Description, etc. that was originally used.

Step 5.
Cash Account – Use the same account as the original transaction.

Step 6.
Amount – Enter a negative (-) amount = to the amount of your adjustment if you are reversing or reducing a receipt

Note: If your payment method was "Receive Payment", select "Post Payment."

If your payment method was "Receive & Apply or Apply Payment", enter the appropriate (negative) amounts in the "Amount to Apply" column beside the items to be adjusted.

Step 7.
Select Post Payment.

IMPORTANT: If you can’t find the items, change Filter: to "ALL" and enter the invoice/ proposal # if needed.