Saving Space on Client Documents

This article offers tips on maximizing space on proposals, invoices, and purchase orders.

Selecting a Template
- Selecting the template the shifts the image to the left is one way to move all the document information up. This done on the General Settings page for the document.

Reducing Image Size
- You can reduce the px amount for the images on your client documents by selecting one of the sizes. This done on the General Settings page for the document.

Header Information in Footer
- Since you cannot manipulate font size with standard reports, you can save additional space moving your firms information from the header (bigger font) to the footer (smaller font). This can be done only on certain templates. As long as there is an Edit Report button, you can perform this action.

  • Click on Reports and open up the template you want to edit
  • Click on Edit Report then Specify Data

  • From the drop-down menu under the align column, select Footer and this information will now be moved to the bottom in a smaller fonts size, thus saving additional space and allowing everything to be moved up.


Shorting Item Description - Although not always an option, this would also increase the space on the client document you are working with.

Note: Anything outside of the options above will most likely result in needing a custom report.