September 2022 Release

New features, platform improvements, and fixes

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Version 2.12 – September 2022 Release

New and Improved:

  • Designers can now search for items via Warehouse Receipt #, Freight Tracking, and Expediting
  • Designers can now track time within Activities
  • Report Builder and Form Builder reports can now use descending or ascending sorting for the columns
  • The Copy Client Description to Vendor Description field checkbox in Settings > My Company will no longer affect the checkbox status at the client level; the Copy Client Description has moved to a per-client level checkbox.
  • When making a payment on a purchase order, after posting a successful payment, the Designer now stays on the screen and the page is updated with payment information
  • Designers can now track Activities and Time Billing change history
  • Changed the wording of the Employee Permission checkbox within the Employee Edit screen to Account Administrator
  • Designers can now track Employee change history
  • Designers can now choose YYYY/MM/DD date formatting for Bank Import Mapping
  • Edit and Share icons have been updated on the Misc Addresses page
  • Designers now receive a prompt when attempting to add an item to a voided proposal, invoice, or order
  • Designers now have the ability to Select All when creating or generating purchase orders from the Orders list
  • Designers now have access to a Client Revenue financial form
  • Designers can now create a new product from an existing item
  • Designers can now filter proposals within their proposals list by whether they have notes; added a button within the proposal edit screen that allows the designer to quickly clear their notes
  • Designers can now select the default proposal, order, and invoice forms within Settings > My Company > Report Defaults
  • When a designer is viewing a URL that they are unable to see, they now see a stylized error with a splash page
  • When designers share Spec Sheets, they are now recorded within item History
  • Time Billing invoices and previewed invoices are now ordered consistently
  • After designers update the dates of items within their order via the Order Details > Codes tab, the submitted form data will autofill if the order is immediately reopened
  • When a designer is posting a payment, all reimbursable entries with a selected Client will post even if there are reimbursable entries without a selected Client
  • Attachments within an RFQ are now blue and underlined
  • Notes are now displayed within invoice and proposal previews
  • Long Vendor names now wrap properly in My Products list view
  • Long Client names, Description, and Notes now wrap properly in the Time Billing list
  • Long Client names, Description, and Notes now wrap properly in the Activities list
  • Long Client and Vendor names now wrap properly in the Purchase Orders list
  • Long Client names now wrap properly in the Invoices list
  • Long Client names now wrap properly in the Proposals list
  • Long Item names, Vendor names, and Ship-To now wrap properly in the Items list
  • Long Address IDs and Address names now wrap properly in the Misc Addresses List
  • Long Address and Client names now wrap properly in the Contacts list
  • Long Address IDs and Vendor names now wrap properly in the Vendors list
  • Long Address IDs and Client names now wrap properly in the Clients list


  • RFQs were modified to set the alignment of the default message within the footer
  • Removable Product tags now have an x to remove them, instead of +
  • Products now copy secondary images and attachments correctly upon clone
  • When looking up invoices, the modal now correctly displays the selected client
  • When sharing proposals through Interactive Documents, the design firms website link now correctly redirects users to the site on click
  • Currency values within purchase orders payment tabs no longer emit console errors
  • An error message is now properly displayed when attempting to change the Client on all items tied to a purchase order
  • The button to remove a primary image from My Product > Details now displays properly
  • When creating a new Client, designers can now override My Company pre-filled values for Selling Mark Up %, Selling Deposit %, Mark Up Deposit %, and Sales Tax Deposit% values with 0
  • After saving a Client within Edit Client, displayed balances no longer reset to $0
  • Report Builder now displays available values properly for Add Page Numbers
  • The Hide Sales Tax and Other Costs setting within Settings > My Company > Report Defaults now properly hides Sales Tax and Other Costs within Interactive Documents
  • Fixed an issue where Item Selling Quantity was being displayed in RFQ instead of Item Purchase Quantity
  • Fixed an issue where the Amount filter within the General Ledger list would display undefined
  • Fixed an issue where the password requirements popup was displaying to the designer, even after saving their profile
  • When navigating to the Activities list from the dashboard, the list filters now save on page redirect
  • Employee Permissions now properly hide 2010-2015 reports from displaying within the Legacy Reports list
  • Add Page Numbers now properly applies to emailed PDFs
  • Added Lead Time Units to available Report Writer fields
  • The Cash Account chosen in Money Out now pre-populates when navigating to Order Payments
  • Fixed an issue that would generate an invalid Vendor Portal link within the footer of some shared purchase orders
  • Users now receive an error page when attempting to view an interactive proposal or invoice that is not publicly visible
  • Client Profit Report now displays the related Client/Project when Include Related Projects is selected