September 28, 2020 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes.

Studio Designer
Version 2.4.7 – Release September 2020

  • New & Improved:
    • Interactive Documents:
      Introducing Interactive Documents, the quick and simple new tool for getting Proposals and Invoices to anyone with an email address. With one link click, the recipient can view a document and act right from the form.
      • Send a Proposal link to a client for approval with just one click.
      • Send an Invoice link with the ability to accept and issue payment directly from the form.
      • One click & one action & done!
      • Find the familiar ‘Share’ button to make your choice and explore all the great new features.
    • Local Time Zone:
      Studio Designer servers time zone is based on UTC. A ‘Local Time Zone’ setting option has been created for your company’s location.
      • Now set your companies local time zone under the “Localization” heading in ‘Setting: My Company: Codes’ to ensure all future date/time stamps are reflected correctly when filtering data.
    • Improved clarity for generating quick PDF documents by adding a ‘PDF’ button to the Proposal, Purchase Order, & Invoice screens.
    • Inventory history tab now updates in real time speeding up verification.
    • Purchase and Inventory costs show on Inventory history tab.
    • Only Client & Project addresses are visible from the ‘Activities’ drop down to speed up data entry and not have vendors mixed in with choices. This is like the ‘Time Billing’ data entry page.

  • Rapid Resolutions:
    Rapid deploy fixes released throughout the month of September.
    • Issue of incorrect tax was being charged for TN state Tax Location.
    • Occasional WebSocket connection issue which caused the login screen to appear momentarily.
    • An error with Unit Price calculations when ‘Show Mark Up’ is turned off.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Purchase order quantity not displaying properly on initial preview window.
    • Issues some users experience resetting passwords.
    • Financial form time stamps not aligning with other reports.
    • Report filters sometimes stop showing values.
    • Instances of Time Billing Invoice previews not displaying accurately because of differing tax locations.
    • Some invoice totals not re-calculating properly when activity type was switched from billable to non-billable.
    • Instances when permissions to view certain reports was not working properly.
    • Incorrect ‘Proposal not found’ error message being displayed.
    • Proposal now displays immediately after creation.
    • Inventory Related Fixes:
      • Primary & Non-primary items received or moved within inventory not always recording properly.
      • Inventory quantity received not updating when Vendor Invoice number is entered. Now upon entering a vendor invoice number in inventory Item detail, quantity on hand updates based on quantity ordered.
      • Some cost values not showing in inventory 'History' tab.
      • Inventory adjustment date not showing in inventory 'History' tab.
      • Inventory receiving issues.
      • Instances of inventory ‘purchase quantity’ and ‘quantity received’ data recording an incorrect amount when making changes to inventory.
      • Inventory summary values corrected based on up to date data from Studio Designer’s inventory logic.
      • Confirmation feedback is given when inventory adjustments are made.

Studio Capture (Safari / Chrome):
Version 1.9.21 – Release September 2020

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Incorrect values being shown when assigning a Studio Capture item to a proposal.
    • Incomplete room list being displayed.

Client Portal:
Version 2.1.2 – Release September 2020

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Issue with some images not being displayed in the Client Portal.

Mobile App: (iOS / Android):
Version 1.14 – Release September 2020

  • Bug Fixes:
    • In some cases, ‘Items’ were not showing properly on IOS devices.