My Emails Aren't Sending, Why?

This article will help walk you through adding the CNAME to your domain provider to ensure better delivery to your clients when emailing from Studio Designer.

If your clients seem to be having trouble with receiving emails from you sent from the Studio Designer platform, you might want to update your domain with a CNAME entry to prevent recipient's providers from filtering out or moving these correspondences directly to the junk folder. Below is a general breakdown, as everyone's domain could be different. Essentially, your domain is your ".com" 

Example Domain Providers:


In order to add a new entry, follow the steps below

Step 1.
Log in to your DNS provider account for the domains you want to redirect.

Step 2. Find the page to update or edit your domain's DNS records. This might be called something like "DNS Management" or "Name Server Management."

Step 3. Locate the entry for your domain. If there is an A record currently, change it to a CNAME record. If there is currently a CNAME record, change the target to the Akamai provided value.

This is CNAME that needs to be added to your DNS in what would be the Value/Answer/Destination field.

v=spf1 -all