Creating Item Codes 1 & 2

Item Code 1 defines the valid values that can be entered in Item Code 1 for Items. You can categorize your items into different groups for reporting purposes.

Item Code 1 or Item Code 2: The description of the item code.

               - Example: Received, Warehouse, Approved, Ready to Invoice

Note: This can be a great way to select items for a report for your client.  For example, you could add a specific code to all new items (Not Ready).  Then as the client approves, remove this code.  As the project progresses, you can print various reports (including Project Worksheets) and for the filter, you select Item Code 1 = "Not Ready".  At the bottom of the criteria selection, you would checkmark Exclude Code 1 and then also select Invoiced = No.  This would show you all items that are ready but have not been invoiced. 


Note: Item codes 1 and 2 are not different and function in the same way.