My Company

Address and contact information for your firm, as well as defaults for options throughout the application are set up in Settings -> My Company.

Company Name & Address

Enter your company address information here.

All of the name and address information that prints on your default forms (Proposals, Orders, Invoices, and Statements) comes from this page.



Enter your company name in the sidemark field.

Sidemarks are automatically generated for orders.

They are normally included in the paperwork that ships with the goods you order and help you (and those that work with your items) to identify them.

The sidemark contains 4 parts:

  • Your company (This is normally a shortened version of your firm's name)
  • Client (defined on the codes tab of the client/project address record)
  • Room (defined in the room list)
  • Item (beneath the description field in the item record)

Example: Pacific Design / Douglas / Entry / Antique Russian Lamp 

Payscape & Paypal
These are the 2 payment mediums that allow you to accept payments from your clients via the Client Portal. Click here for an in-depth setup guide. 

Federal ID

Enter your Federal ID in the Federal ID field.

This is used for 1099 purposes only.