Which payment options are available through Client Portal?

Studio Designer offers StudioPay, Stripe, PayPal, and Payroc as options for collecting and processing client payments electronically.

Please note that only one of either StudioPay, Stripe, or Payroc can be offered at a time.  Because StudioPay is the preferred payment method, it will take precedence over Stripe, and Stripe will take precendece over Payroc if multiple payment methods are linked. However, since PayPal does not process ACH payments, it can be actively offered alongside other payment processors. Once you link your preferred payment method to your account, it will become available for your clients to use in the Client Portal.

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Setting up your StudioPay account

To sign up for StudioPay, follow the steps in this article.

Note: At this time, StudioPay is in its Early Adoption Phase and is only available to a small group of designers. If you'd like your company to be considered for participation in the Early Adoption Phase, please reach out to support@studiodesigner.com and let us know.

Otherwise, look forward to the official release of StudioPay later this year.

Setting up your Stripe account

If you do not yet have a Stripe account set up, follow the step-by-step guide found here and complete this one-time process. Once you've completed the initial setup, you can begin accepting ACH payments through Stripe.

Setting up your Payroc account

Payroc is an alternative avenue to collect and process client payments electronically. If you have a Payroc account you'd like to use with Studio Designer, please reach out to Support and we'll help you get this active on your account.
*Please note that you cannot use both Payroc and Stripe on the same client.

Activating ACH payments

ACH payments can be processed via Stripe or Payroc. By following the setup guide linked here, you can turn on the ACH payment function for each client address, enabling them to utilize this method in the Client Portal or on PDF versions of proposals and invoices.

ACH payments FAQ

ACH, short for Automatic Clearing House, is a new addition to Studio Designer that allows users to accept client payments from bank to bank. ACH is easier to set up and manage and carries lower fees when compared to credit cards and other services. To learn more about ACH payments, click here.

Client fees

Fees vary by payment processor.

StudioPay fees are as follows:

Credit Card Payments: 3% + 60 cents per transaction
ACH Payments: $10 flat or 1% for transactions under $1000

Stripe fees are as follows:

Credit Card Payments: 3.1% + 60 cents per transaction
ACH Payments: 1.2% up to $10 per transaction

This means an ACH fee will never exceed $10 if it is a large transaction. 

For Payroc, fees are set per account and will remain unchanged even with the addition of ACH.

Errors and additional contact info

For StudioPay, reach out to support@studiodesigner.com for immediate assistance.

Stripe, Payroc, and PayPal are third-party partners and Studio Designer does not have access to any financial records exchanged directly through them. For questions regarding specific ACH transactions, we advise reaching out to the merchant directly. 

Stripe support

Payroc support