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Settings: Terms

Client Terms describe how your clients will pay you for your services. Studio Designer comes with a few of the most commonly used payment Terms. 

To find the Terms section of Studio Designer, go to Settings>Terms.


If you find that there are payment terms that your company plans to use a different payment term than what is listed, simply click on the “+ New Terms”.

  1. Terms – This is the friendly name of the Term that you are creating in Studio Designer. This should be short but descriptive.
  2. Deposit % - What percentage of payment that you would like to receive “up-front” from this client? This reflects how much will be charged on each Proposal.
  3. Net Days – The number of days that the customer has to pay the full amount of the cost of the item(s).
  4. Discount % - A percentage of discount that you want to give to the customer.
  5. Discount Days – The number of days for which the customer receives the discount.