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Time Billing Rates Setting

Settings: My Company: Codes - 'Time Billing Rates; Client Time Rate Billing Code

Caution:  This code defines how the user determines the rate charged to clients for time billing.
It enables proper function of Client time billing rate defaults.

Tip:  Choose the simplest option that fits the way you bill your clients.

Keep it simple.  The more variables (client, employee, group, activity), the more entries you’ll need to make for each client in order for defaults to work properly.

Time Billing Rate Code Choices:

  1. 1 Client
  2. 2 Client Employee
  3. 3 Client Employee Group
  4. 4 Client Employee Activity
  5. 5 Client Employee Group Activity
  6. 6 Client Group
  7. 7 Client Activity
  8. 8 Client Group Activity
  9. 9 Employee
  10. 10 Employee Group
  11. 11 Employee Activity
  12. 12 Employee Group Activity
  13. 13 Group
  14. 14 Group Activity
  15. 15 Activity


If you select the time billing rate code '1 Client':

  • A specific time billing rate will need to be defined for each client.

(i.e. If you have 10 clients, you would set up 10-time rate records in Time Rates.

One record for each client.)

If you select the time billing rate code '2 Client, Employee':

  •  A specific time billing rate will be created for each client and employee combination.

(i.e. If you have 10 clients and 3 employees, you would set up 30-time rate records.

One record for each client and employee combination.)


This setting works in conjunction with your default 'Time Rates'.  Click HERE for details on setting up 'Time Rates' defaults;

When entering new 'Time Rates' for example, if you chose 2 Client, Employee, you would ONLY fill in the Client and Employee on the records in Time Rates.

You would NOT fill in Group or Activity.

Having entries with too many options completed or not enough options completed will keep this area from functioning properly.

Note: When rates do not default correctly:
If your Time Rates are not coming in with the correct rate:

  1. Confirm that the 'Time Billing Rates' selection in Settings -> My Company -> Codes is correct.
  2. In Settings -> Time Rates, make sure only what is selected in My Company is included.  
    For example, if you chose Client, Employee the entries in Time Rates should be for each client and each employee, there should be no group, activity, etc. chosen in the Time Rates.
  3. View inactive Time Rate entries and confirm that there are none that are not set up correctly.

    The most common problems are caused when you’ve selected a combination within My Company, but have entries that are missing parts of the combination.