Setup - Initial Overview

Studio Designer settings need to be properly setup prior to using. Setting up and customizing these settings will personalize how Studio Designer works for you.

Proper set up will ensure some of the following:

  • Clients, Items & Activities are taxed correctly;
  • Income & Expenses post to the correct accounts;
  • Client & Vendor deposits default correctly

All of the initial settings that need to be reviewed are located in the 'Settings' menu.
Select Files from the Studio Designer Main Menu and the list of files will be displayed.
Studio Designer is preinstalled with standard information in all of the settings.
You can add and delete records from any of the settings to customize Studio Designer for your needs.
You can also come back and update these settings at any time.

Note: Once a record has been used, it may only be changed to "Inactive". It cannot be deleted, so putting in some time upfront will help you to keep your settings & defaults clean.

The key settings to customize for your needs before you begin using Studio Designer are listed below:

IMPORT:  You may want to import information from an outside source into Studio Designer. 

For example, you may have addresses in Outlook or QuickBooks you would like to use in Studio Designer.

Click HERE for more details.