Sharing Custom Reports

Custom reports can be shared with specific individuals or entire teams. You can assign access to the custom report with permissions as well. To share a custom report, follow the steps below.

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Sharing Reports By Employee

Sharing Reports By Permission


Sharing Reports by Employee

Step 1.
Click on Reports, then click on the Custom Reports tab at the top.


Step 2. Open the custom report you want to share and click the Edit Report button

Step 3. Clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the Share With field will provide you with a list of your team in a new window.

Here you can:

  • Select a single individual by clicking the "Select" button next to them.
  • Select multiple individuals by checking the boxes and click the "Select" button in the top right corner.
  • Select "All" by checking the very first box and then click the "Select" button in the top right corner.

Step 4. On the Edit Report page, you will now be able to see the individuals you selected and right above the share menu. Click Save when you are done.

Employees will now be able to access the shared custom reports by clicking on Reports>Custom Reports.

Pro Tip: For a quick add, you can use the field next to the magnifying glass to enter the employee's email address and, then click Save.


Sharing By Permission

You can also select a permissions group from the Required Permissions dropdown to restrict access to the report you're working within—this will limit access to the report only to users who have the specified permissions enabled.

Example: If you have created a custom sales tax report, the individual must have the ability to access financial details.

Simply select from the "Required Permissions" drop-down menu which permission group needs to access the report, then click Save.

Note:  A custom report can only be shared by the owner. The owner is the person who created and/or uploaded the report into Studio Designer. If the owner is no longer with the company, they need to reach out to support to change the owner or create a new copy of the report. Standard reports don't need to be shared because they are public.