Stripe ACH Limit

When you open an account with Stripe, there may be a limit to the amount of money you can charge per transaction through ACH. There are steps you can take to increase this limit.

Stripe is a financial institution that, like credit card companies and banks, has certain practices in place for your financial safety and to abide by government financial regulations. Because of this, when you first open a Stripe account, there may be a limit on what you can charge your clients per transaction through ACH.

The amount of this limit can vary from account to account; however, $6,000 is the lowest limit Stripe will place on an account. More info on Stripe here:  Exceeded ACH Payment Limit

However, there are a few steps you can take to remove this limit from your account and process higher transaction amounts.

  1. Create a Stripe account
    You will first need to create a Stripe account before Stripe can take any actions to increase your ACH transaction Limit.
    1. Follow this guide to open a Stripe account: Setting Up Stripe Account
    2. Make sure to Enable ACH payments on your account by following these steps: Accept ACH Payments
  2. Contact Stripe
    Once you have created your Stripe account, contact Stripe support to inquire about raising your ACH limit. The best way to contact Stripe is to log in to your Stripe account and click the (?) icon on the top right of your Dashboard.

    When contacting Stripe, it helps to provide them with the highest per-transaction amount you expect to charge, along with the highest amount you expect to charge in one week. This information will help them determine an appropriate limit to set on your account.
  3. Start Processing Payments
    If you contact Stripe and they cannot lift the limit on your account, know that the limit will still be lifted as you build up a transaction history. Start off by processing smaller transactions, and after a few months reach out to Stripe again and inquire about lifting your ACH limit. As you process more payments through Stripe and have a longer transaction history with them, Stripe will be more inclined to remove any payment limitations on your account.