August 31, 2020 Release

New features, platform improvements, and bug fixes.

Studio Designer
Version 2.4.6 – Release Aug 2020

  • New & Improved:
    • Updated‘Proposal’ & ‘Invoice’ screens
      • ‘Edit’ & ‘Notes’ are now tabs.
      • Previous & Next buttons placed into the main viewing area.
      • ‘Visible in Client Portal’ checkbox renamed ‘Publicly Visible’.
      • Some button renaming to improve clarity.

    • Contacts Address Screen: ‘Save & ‘Save & New’ buttons are now blurred out until all mandatory information is filled out. Click here for our knowledge base article

    • When saving documents such as Proposals, Orders, & Invoices, the default file name will now include the corresponding document number. (e.g. ‘Invoice 300508.pdf’)

    • The Vendors Address screen now includes 'username' and 'password' fields.
      Click here for our knowledge base article

    • Consignment item rules and constraint changes:
      • No longer purchase items for inventory if you have any purchase items that are consignment.
      • No longer purchase consignment inventory if you have any other purchase inventory items.
      • No longer clone consignment inventory purchase items
      • Creating new consignment inventory items locks purchase quantity at 1.
      • When a consignment item is received, the consignment value is locked until removed from the consignment.
      • Consignment inventory items can no longer be adjusted.
      • Consignment purchase inventory items are now locked as primary items.
      • When an item is“specify only”, purchase quantity is locked.
      • Consignment amounts on the inventory page no longer add to merchandise and other cost amounts.
      • Consignment items no longer create ‘Cost of Sales’ general ledger entries
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Sales tax calculation error experienced when using the British VAT Tax Rule.

    • In some cases, a negative payment would be recorded when dates were changed.

    • The selling deposit percentage would not default correctly based on ‘Client’ - ‘Codes’ settings.

    • Instances when reimbursable activities in time billing were being double upon initial entry.

    • Instances when ‘Time Billing’ invoice and other pdf’ were displaying incorrectly.

    • Issue getting confirmation when creating a new proposal.  

    • In some instances, users were notified about being logged into their account on another device.

    • Issue when creating new ‘Client’, client defaulted to “Inactive” even when designated ‘Active’

    • In some cases, the ‘Delete’ button was not working when deleting ‘Vendors’ or ‘Clients’.

    • Some accounting issues with incorrect reports opening.

    • Newly created activities did not show in the ‘Calendar’.

    • Sorting ‘Activities’ by date did not sort properly by time.

    • Issues where some users experienced problems resetting passwords.

    • When filling out purchase cost details, changing ‘Item’ quantity would reset the tax 1 & 2 settings.

    • An occasional instance when optional items to display on time billing invoices would not show properly.

    • Improved: Performance enhancements to speed up various selection processes.

    • Improved: Layout of accounting reimbursable screen fields enlarged.

Studio Capture (Safari / Chrome):
Version 1.9.10 – Release Aug 2020

  • New & Improved:
      • Safari & Chrome browser compatibility

      • Screen Grab - "Take screenshot' button added for managing image capture.

      • Vendor Field - now able to select a Vendor for your captured item.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Due to security changes in Chrome; repaired some minor issues with Studio Capture features.
    • Minor screen improvements to prevent Studio Capture from blocking website content when zoomed.

Client Portal:
Version 2.1.0 – Release Aug 2020

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Cleaned up the visual experience when your client views items and proposals.

    • Some instances where clients were unable to register after being invited to the ‘Client Portal’.

    • In some instances, a client was able to see attachments that weren’t designated as ‘Publicly Visible’.

Mobile App: (iOS / Android):
Version 1.13 – Release Aug 2020

  • New & Improved:
    • New Sign up feature - now sign up for Studio Designer directly from the Mobile App.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Streamlined log in features.
    • Instances, where ‘Calendar’ & ‘Reminders’ entered on mobile app, may not show up on your SD account.