May 2023 Release

This version includes updates to StudioPay payment options, document-level payment settings and notifications. We've also got info on the latest improvements and fixes to Studio Designer and Client Portal.



We've made updates to StudioPay to provide you with greater flexibility on the payment options available to your clients and projects on proposals, invoices, and interactive documents.

Key updates include:

  • The Payment Defaults screen has been expanded to display a searchable list of all Clients and Projects and their current payment settings. From this list, you can set defaulted payment options on a per-client and per-project basis. Want some clients to only have Credit Cards as an option? It's as easy as checking the Credit Card option for that client.
  • From this screen, Designers can now enable StudioPay ACH, Credit Cards, or both for all currently active clients by checking a box.
  • Designers can now enable StudioPay ACH, Credit Cards, or both for all future Clients by checking a box. 
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  • It's easier to tie StudioPay payments to invoices and proposals now - Invoice and Proposal numbers are now displayed on each transaction record in the StudioPay Dashboard. 

    To find the number, go to the transaction in the StudioPay dashboard and click Transaction from the menu on the left. The Proposal or Invoice number will be displayed in the Description field. 


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Payment Settings and Documents

We're providing greater control over who has visibility into payment activity across the board. Designers can now specify which Contacts will receive payment notifications under the Client Portal & Interactive Documents settings found under each Contact.

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> Studio Designer

Versions 2.15.3/2.15.4 – May 2023 Release

New and Improved:

  • When a Designer has recorded an overpayment on an Item, the overpayment will now be reflected in the Item Details view of the Items screen.
  • When moving an Item to Inventory, Designers will see a warning letting them know there is no Vendor Invoice on the item, and that it is necessary for the item to be received in the inventory.
  • Designers can now search and filter the Inventory module by Category.
  • A Notes tab has been added to the Inventory module for entering adjustments and/or other information.
  • A Save modal now appears when a Designer updates any information in the User Preferences section.
  • A CFA field is now available when adding Sales Codes; the CFA entry saved to this field will automatically set that CFA option for any items that are created with that Sales Code.
  • The Sign In button has been removed from proposals and invoices that are sent as either Interactive Documents or PDFs.
  • When sending an interactive document with multiple attachments, attached files and images can now be viewed in a popup window.
  • For Spec Sheets and RFQs with multiple images and attachments, more precise control has been added over hiding or displaying Primary Images, Secondary Images, and Attachments.
  • The Sign Up password requirements have been adjusted for additional security.
  • When a Designer edits a Contact or adds a new one from the Projects > Contacts page, a checkbox now appears allowing that contact to receive a notification confirming their transaction. If the "Receive Payment Confirmation" checkbox is selected, a confirmation email is sent to the Contact when a Client conducts a payment.


  • Designers are no longer able to invoice inventory items from an Item's Edit screen if there is not enough quantity on hand.
  • The History tab in the Inventory module now shows all entries for adjustments, selling, purchasing, and receiving, instead of only displaying twenty.
  • Long column names on the Activities page now wrap to avoid stretching the screen.
  • For entering descriptions in Money Out > Office Payments, a character counter has been added and will notify Designers with an error message if the description has exceeded 80 characters.
  • The US Phoenix Tax Rule has been adjusted to account for the new threshold of $11,631.00.
  • The Outstanding Reconciliation report now shows correct reported balances when an adjustment is made to the Beginning Balance Journal.

> Client Portal

Version 2.18 – May 2023 Release

New and Improved:

  • Clients making payments via StudioPay will now see context-sensitive error messages in the case of invalid data entries.


  • Payment methods can once again be added from the profile page.
  • Within Client Portal, overpayments are now uniformly displayed as negative numbers and Project Cards and the Project Summary page correctly displays the total value of items within the Project (Proposals and Invoices).
  • Proposals are now sorted in Ascending order when Balance Low to High is selected.
  • Seven-digit bank account numbers are now supported when setting up a payment method in StudioPay.