StudioPay Dashboard Guide

Explore Dashboard features, including Flagged Transactions, Sales & Refunds calendar, and more.

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The Dashboard page provides a quick, real-time overview of transaction performance details and other important account information in StudioPay



Quick Charge

Process Sale, Authorization Only, or eCheck Sale payments directly on the Dashboard with the Quick Charge section.

Use a previously used card by clicking on the Create new payment method dropdown before you process the payment, and select the desired saved payment method. 



Today's Sales

Outlines the current total of sales from today in an hourly increment. 



Account Balance

View your Account Balance at a glance in this section and click on Balance Details to access your Balance Details and Entries information. 

Balance Details provide an overview of the Total, Reserved, and Pending information that makes up the Account Balance. 

Entries provide a breakdown of Processed transactions, Pending transactions, and Statement details. 



Sales & Refunds

The calendar displayed in this section depicts the total amount of sales and transactions accrued in a given period of time.

The graph displays  Total Sales with a blue line and Total Transactions with a red line. Hover your mouse over the circular points on the graph to highlight the sales and volume amount for the specified time period. 


By default, Sales & Refunds displays the Gross Sales over the course of the Last 7 Days. To change the time period shown, click the directional arrow to set the view from the default to Last 12 Months, Last 30 Days, or Today.



Funds Snapshot

View the processing history for year-to-date, month-to-date, and today's date based on the date you've selected at a glance.



Flagged Transactions

This section lists flagged transactions based on their risk level which is determined by several factors, such as an active dispute or a transaction with a "hold" status. Click View All to access the Payment History page directly from the dashboard for more details.


New Customers

View the 5 newest customers added to the account on the bottom right section of the Dashboard. Access the Customers page by clicking View All to view and edit client details.